College Campuses And The War On Free Speech


More and more college campuses are claiming that they need to be a “safe space.” This idea is one where opposing opinions and scientific evidence are unwelcome.

Imagine a land where fact didn’t matter nearly as much as feelings.

Students in law schools are upset by having to learn rape laws – because the word rape “triggers” them.

Is that the kind of lawyer you want protecting you? One that drops to the floor, crying and sucking on this thumb when he hears the charges because he can’t handle “adult words.”

A lawyer who doesn’t want to learn the law because he is upset by words? That isn’t how adults are supposed to behave. We should be able to discuss painful issues as a way to find solutions to them. Instead, more and more students want to shove their fingers in their ear and sing children’s songs. They want to hide under the bed like infants.

That is terrifying and it’s the direction college campuses have moved in.

In the 1960s students fought for and demanded their First Amendment rights. There is a reason free speech is at the top of that list. It’s the most important right in a free society. Without the freedom of speech, tyranny is not just possible – it is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, these college students are so dumb that they don’t realize free speech is a two-way street. If they can demand that someone who disagrees with them be silenced, the exact same thing can happen to them. Unfortunately, they won’t find out until it’s too late because for many of these students the very phrase “freedom of speech” is a trigger word.

More and more campuses are enacting safe space policies and if there is a speaker on campus that some students don’t want to hear, that speaker gets banned from the campus. It doesn’t matter if ninety-percent of the students want to see that speaker, enough complaints can block the majority’s right to hear free speech.

These colleges will allow Muslims who believe all gay people should be executed to speak, but get a republican on campus or a scientist and suddenly the students are up in arms and afraid that the wrong words might make them cry.

It’s a terrifying change in our culture that sound like it comes from a book about a dystopian future, but this is happening in America right now. As if you needed even more reasons to keep your children away from liberal institutions and their questionable degrees.

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