The Real Reason Obama Pushed Through Gay Marriage


If there is one thing the Left hates it is the family unit.

The shattering of the family unit is the primary reason that the Democratic Party has so much power. Because families no longer stay together, more and more single moms are raising children using money from the government.

The government is the primary provider for tens of millions of families. All of those destroyed families end up voting Democrat because they want more and more free money.

Who are you going to vote for? The people that give you money for doing nothing or the ones who think you should work and contribute to making your country great?

Obama doesn’t care about gay people. He doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

The only thing that he cares about is doing as much damage to the idea of marriage and family as possible. Right now the divorce rate is at fifty percent. He dreams of pushing it higher so that he can stay in power forever.

Every time there is a divorce the government gets in the middle. Think of all the battles over custody and property that are a part of every divorce. The government gets a big piece of that pie. Allowing gay people to marry also ensures a massive spike in the total number of divorces.

This will give the government more and more control over every single type of relationship and family. More and more of the population will become completely dependent upon the federal government to fill the role of their husband or father.

And these people will always vote for the government to give them more money.

And that is exactly what Obama’s party loves to do. They have been trading your tax dollars for votes for more than a century and it’s time we put a stop to it. Just realizing that Obama’s goal is to break the American family is the first step on the path to taking action.

Look at what America was like when we won back-to-back World Wards. We had strong families and a strong sense of national identity. All the Left has done is shatter that. Now soldiers die and nobody seems to care anymore. But as long as the votes keep rolling in, the Left will never change their heartless tune.

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