This Is Why You Don’t Send Your Children To College


More and more liberals have taken over our educational system. We all know that public education in America is garbage. Loads of students graduate with a public high school diploma and can’t read or perform basic math skills.

Because of massive deals with the teacher’s unions, the worst of the worst teachers remain impossible to fire. Some school districts have a room they send teachers to that can’t be fired but also are too dangerous to have near children.

Think about that. The teacher can’t be in the room with students, and still they can’t be fired.

Whenever the government gets involved in education, the quality goes down the tubes.

Every single college is tied into the federal government – through student loans and tax exemptions. It’s nearly possible to actually be a private institution.

That means every time Obama has a bad idea, and that is pretty much daily, it gets forced down the throats of every single student at every college.

There is currently rape hysteria at every college. The left keeps pushing this narrative that one out of four women in college will be raped and yet these millions of rape victims aren’t appearing anywhere. That number is insanely high and it’s not based on any study. Someone stood outside an adult education class at a non-traditional university and asked women if a guy had ever been creepy near them. These women were in their fifties, not living on campus and the question wasn’t even about rape.

But it doesn’t matter because this narrative is an excuse to lower the quality of education across the board by forcing students to take classes on how not to rape each other. The one thing that the Left will always avoid is facts and statistics. Do these classes actually work? Does Obama even care?

The Department of Justice released a study last year that showed college students are less likely to experience any form of sexual assault than non-college students of the same age. But Obama will never mention that study.

The price for college is flying through the roof and yet students are graduating with degrees in liberal studies and find out that their degree is garbage. They are looking at a career posting about their feelings on Tumblr and living in abject poverty.

No thanks, Obama!

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