Why Obama Hates Christmas


More and more Christmas is being shut down.

Obama will drop to his knees for Ramadan and any other Islamic holiday. Hillary will put on a veil at the drop of a hat. Democrats love to genuflect to the religion that generates all modern terrorists. They will say that it’s the religion of peace even though every line in the Quran is about blood and murdering infidels.

But saying Merry Christmas to someone? That’s a crime against humanity.

He is terrified of offending anyone – unless of course they are Christian and not a terrorist. Then he doesn’t just dislike your religion, he hates it.

Things in this country are getting worse and worse.

Starbucks is so afraid of Christmas that the only have blank “holiday cups” this year.

We would be embarrassed to watch our most important holiday get swept away by a president who pretends to be a Christian. But if he really believed in our religion, would he want to throw the most important holiday into the toilet.

More and more you see atheists and Muslims invited to the White House for the holiday celebrations.

Christmas is a time about love, family and forgiveness. Three things that Obama doesn’t understand and never will.

We all know why Hillary hates the holidays – can you say marriage of convenience?

Obama avoids Christian holidays like the plague but every year he hosts Ramadan celebrations.

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it is time we realized that he is not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

He wants to break up Christian families as much as possible so that more and more women and children will depend on the state.

Because the takers – those who live off the governments’ dime – they always vote democrat.

They are voting for more money in their pockets.

Obama isn’t just at war with Christmas. He is at war with every single traditional family in America. The more families he breaks apart, the more people become dependent on the state. And those are the very people who vote for his party. They are more than willing to vote for the government to give them more money.

If Obama could have a nation where the children are all raised in orphanages by the state he would be dancing like the Grinch right now.

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