Alabama Is Standing Up To Dictator Barack Obama


Barack Obama has decided to import as many “refugees” as possible into America.  The head of the FBI has already admitted before Congress that they have no idea how to determine if these refugees are even from Syria, let alone if they have a terrorist background.

Obama’s response to state’s demanding to know his process for vetting this wave of immigrants is to smile and tell everyone to “trust him.”  Fake refugees were a part of the Paris attacks.  Terrorists pretending to be refugees have already been caught inside America.  We know that the system doesn’t work because villains have already slipped through the net.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has finally said enough to Obama’s tyranny.  He is suing the federal government for trying to force so many refugees into his state.  Obama’s policy is in direct violation of the Refugee Act of 1980.  Of course it seems like Obama sees most laws as recommendations more than rules.

Bentley has stated that, “As governor, the Alabama Constitution gives me the sovereign authority and solemn duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of all citizens of Alabama.”

All he is really asking for proof that Obama has any screen process in place at all.  He wants to know if these are people who really need help or simply a Muslim Trojan Horse.  The government has refused to reveal its screen process to the very many charged with taking care of these refugees.  And he is not pleased.

Expect dozens of other states to follow suit.  Alabama is the first state to sue the Obama administration for forcing unvetted refugees down their throats, but it is unlikely to be the last.  Many other states of already declared that they will not be accepting any Syrian “refugees.”

The governor of Alabama did not fail to notice that terrorists in the Paris attacks had faked being Syrian refugees to get free access to Europe.  We know for a fact that terrorists like sneaking into western countries this way.

Do you think that Obama’s priority is protecting American citizens?  Does Alabama have the right to want to know the actual procedures used to determine if these refugees are even from Syria?  Should we listen to the head of the FBI when he says that they have no way of confirming the stories of these “refugees”?

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