Black “Activists” Attack Students – Teachers Do Nothing


There has been a trend of black activists storming through campuses with suspicious claims of racism and attacking, intimidating and shouting at other students whose only crime is that of being the wrong skin color.

When did we get to a place where racist behavior by college students was acceptable? Yelling at a student because of their skin color is wrong – even when that color is white.

You’ll notice that the students taking part in these campaigns often come from extremely wealthy parents and their examples of “campus racism” are always extremely sketchy. At Mizzou the students claim someone used poop to make a swastika on a wall.

And somehow these Twitter activists never took a picture of it? That is beyond unbelievable. Yet, on and on these students march demanding that white teachers be fired and replaced with black teachers.

Should people be hired based on the color of their skin? Right now this issue is going before the Supreme Court again. Is it fair that a student doesn’t get into a college he is qualified for simply because of his gender and the color of his skin?

If that student were a black woman we would all agree that it’s wrong and needs to be stopped. But if that student who worked hard is a white male it is ok to punish him for the circumstance of his birth.

Isn’t this the very thing Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. marched against? He wanted children to be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

This is the result of years of affirmative action; putting students of color into environments where they simply aren’t smart enough to keep up. So their grades suffer and they blame a “system” not the fact that they shouldn’t be there. It looks more and more like affirmative action is a disservice to the kids who don’t get accepted because they are the wrong color. And the undeserving kids who get in because they are the right one.

We are seeing more and more examples of the “racist” evidence being planted. One black student was just arrested for leaving a protest to go set up a fake twitter account, right some racist tweets against her protest, and returning to tell everyone that some “white” kid had done it.

The evidence is fake and these kids need to stop harassing their fellow students.

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