Every American Has A DUTY To Conceal And Carry


For every person who died at the hands of a Terrorist when Bush was in office, FOUR have died under Obama’s debacle of an administration. That is a massive increase under the president who claimed he had all the answers. Obama gave a one-word promise when he ran for office – change.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t realize that he meant he would change things for the worse. That he would spend more money, invite more terrorist attacks and convince college students that under a black president racism is on the rise. Each of his changes has led to the deaths of more Americans.

Every time there is a terrorist attack his first move is to make sure nobody says anything bad about the religion of the terrorists.

He responds to terror with weakness.

Look what happened in Paris. Fake refugees killed so many people that the streets ran red with blood and now France wants to let in even more of these “refugees.”

This new round of terror attacks is just beginning.

There are two types of states in America – those with a lot of guns and those with a lot of sitting ducks.

Two terrorists tried to attack a free speech art show in Texas. They were both killed before they could cross the parking lot. Texans know exactly how to protect themselves.

But then look at places like Colorado and California with the strongest gun control laws.

Their death counts in shooting after shooting are through the roof.

When the people lay down their arms, the villains attack.

If there had been a few Texans at that theater in Paris, there would have been a lot fewer deaths.

Carrying a gun isn’t just about protecting yourself anymore; it’s about protecting your neighbor.

Those foolish liberals, who spew their love for Islam, will be cowering behind you as you stand tall protecting America.

This country was forged in the blood of American’s who too up arms and as Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Those tyrants now bear the badge of Islam and it’s your duty as an American to minimize the number of patriots who spill their blood.

Step up to protect your country.

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