Fake Syrian Passports Take Ten Minutes To Acquire And US Can’t Tell The Difference


If you wander around just about any market in the Middle East now you can get your hands on a fake Syrian passport for as little as $250. As more facts start to emerge about the fake refugees who snuck into Europe to commit acts of terror in Paris, the entire screen process is coming under scrutiny.

Except in the United States.

Obama has made it abundantly clear that as long as you say you are a refugee and promise not to commit acts of terror you can come into the country freely and he’ll even put you on welfare so you have some spending money.

He keeps talking about refugee families even though the massive majority of “refugees” are single men in their twenties and thirties. Either they don’t have families or they left them behind in a war zone.

Are these the kind of men we really want to import into our country en masse? Should we really trust these guys when they promise that they are really Syrian and that they aren’t terrorists?

Our best hope is that they are cowards that abandoned their families in a war zone. That’s not exactly the kind of person I want moving into my neighborhood…

There are many locations throughout Europe and the United States that lack the technology to test the authenticity of a Syrian passport. As a failed state, their technological infrastructure is poor. So it’s not like you can call the Syrian embassy to check on a passport’s authenticity.

Despite claim after claim that Europe and the United States will use stringent background check procedure before letting refugees into the country, the proof is in the pudding. Terrorists have made it into Europe using fake passports and already committed multiple atrocious crimes against humanity.

Obama’s response has been to double down on his desire to get in as many refugees as he can.

He will not utter one word about increasing the quality of background checks or even making sure that these refugees are actually from Syria. Like his good friend Hillary, he knows that Muslims vote democrat and this is his own little ballot-stuffing initiative. The more “refugees” he can get into the country, the longer his political party can stay in power.

How nice to have a president who cares so little for the citizens of his nation.

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