Here’s How Obama HELPED Terrorists To Murder Christmas


This year in Iraq, Christians were warned of vicious consequences if they dared to celebrate Christmas.  The Shia Muslim group called “Hashid Shaabi” or “The Popular Mobilization Force” is headed by a terrorist.  He is on the international terrorist list.

It is all the more confusing that Barack Obama has called this terrorist organization “moderate” and offered them support.

This group is at war with ISIS, but are they really that different?  They put up posters all over Baghdad warning Christians of dire consequences if they dared to celebrate their religion on it’s holiest of days.  Islam is an intolerant religion.

It’s no surprise that you didn’t hear word one of this, after all the White House is already at war with Christmas.  Can you imagine the uproar in this country if Christians put up posters in Muslim neighborhoods forbidding them from celebrating Ramadan?  Everyone in the world would call those Christians racist and condemn them.

So why is it ok for the Muslims to do this to Christians?

Christians in Baghdad have received multiple threats form members of the PMF “moderate” Muslim group warning them directly that they had better not dare to celebrate Christmas.  The consequences would be dire indeed.

Instead these Christians were ordered to celebrate a new fake holiday that honors the martyrs of Hashid Shaabi (The Popular Mobilization Force).  This new invented holiday celebrates terrorists who have died fighting against freedom – including members of the Hezbollah Brigades, another group on the terrorist watch list.

Freedom of religion is the very tenet upon which America was founded.  And yet less and less is that freedom permitted.  More and more Christians are squeezed while Muslims are given free reign.  Christians from these countries are the true refugees, yet often they get lumped in with Muslim “refugees” where they are attacked over and over again.

Christians flee the United States seeking the freedom to practice their religion without threats or acts of violence.  Yet the Left is bringing over the very people these Christians are fleeing from.  Recently in California a Christian who fled religious persecution in the Middle East was gunned down by a pair of Muslim immigrants that the Obama administration welcomed into our country with open arms.

Do you think that our government should continue to support intolerance at home and abroad?  Or is freedom of religion important to you?

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