Hillary Can’t Take A Joke – Attacks Comedy Club


A comedy club called the Laugh Factory was threatened because comedians dared to joke about Hillary Clinton.

A few minute clip on YouTube was all it took to get the former Secretary of State threatening the owner of a small town comedy club.

She had her aids attack this small business owner and she even tried to get the names and phone number of each comedian in the video. She threatened to have him put out of business if he didn’t take down a YouTube video.

Talk about someone who can’t take a joke.

We live in a society where a presidential candidate wants to personally call and threaten any comedian who dares to disagree with her or crack a joke.

Talk about an Orwellian nightmare.

It isn’t bad enough that the Left is destroying freedom of speech on college campuses; they need to attack it in comedy clubs too.

Unfortunately for dear Hillary, the Supreme Court has already decided that comedy and parody are extra-protected by the constitution.

She can sit there with her panties in a twist but everything about this shows just how disgusting she is.

You run for president and people are going to tell jokes about you. Do you see her calling MAD magazine and telling them to take down their cover with Donald Trump? Or course not. Like the rest of her party she thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. Every president has had a cast member on Saturday Night Live play them. Is she planning on sending an assassin for the next comedian to crack a joke about her?

The suppression of free speech is always a big red flag in a democracy. If you needed another reason not to vote for this madwoman, you now have it. If she ever gets into office, who knows what she will do to someone who she disagrees with…

Apparently, telling a few jokes about Hillary is enough to have her sic her attack dogs and threaten to have your business shut down. So now we know she hates free speech and small business owners as well.

She needs to stop pretending that she is a person of the people. She obviously thinks that she is better than everyone else and apparently the Constitution doesn’t apply to her.

The last thing we need is another Clinton in the White House.

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