How Hillary Sold Out America’s Future


Over and over again we see that Hillary Clinton approved a shady business deal and then days later a payment appeared in the funds of her “Clinton Foundation.” The donor list reads like a who’s who of international war criminals. T

here is something suspicious when your main source of income are villains and super villains.

She sent unsecured emails that revealed the location of the ambassador to Libya and days later he was dead. When he emailed her asking for increased security, she told Congress that she “thought he was joking.” Because everyone knows that ambassador’s in war zones often crack jokes about security to the Secretary of State.

One wonders how many other times she has heard the “I fear for my life and need more security” joke. Of course we can’t ask, because he is dead.

One of the most important and crucial resources to America’s future is fissile material. The last thing we want to do is discover we no longer have a supply of nuclear materials when we need them the most.

Which makes it all the more horrifying to discover that Hillary sold out a massive amount of the US uranium natural supply to Russia.

The Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007 specifically says the state department must investigate and approve any foreign investments that might be a threat to national security. Selling our uranium mines to Russia certainly falls into this category. Days after approving this sketchy deal, she and her husband received nearly $10 million dollars in donations from this same Russian company.

Her “foundation” is so corrupt that it’s not even allowed to call itself a charity anymore. And the only requirement for that is that 5% of the money actually helps people. She can’t stop herself at hoarding 95% of the money! She needs it all.

We see example after example of how she made a terrible decision as Secretary of State. Then she blames it on everyone else. But strangely enough there is a deposit in her bank account a few days later.

If she were a police officer she would be in jail by now. It’s too bad that Obama is a coward and won’t arrest her, even though she betrayed him and lied to him multiple times. What exactly do you have to do to Obama to get him to act like a man?

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