Illegal Immigrants Are Responsible For THIS MUCH Crime


You won’t believe it.

Obama does everything he can to hide the statistics, but nearly one third of all crime in America is caused by illegal immigrants.

And when talking about violent crimes and murders that number skyrockets. Obama wants our nation to open its legs to let in the worst of humanity. He compares the current refugees to people from the past who came here to make a better life for themselves.

But the people who built America were nothing like this current crop of immigrants. They weren’t raping, robbing and murdering at ten times the rate of the rest of the population. They were hard workers, not cowards, terrorists and murderers.

It’s hard to believe we have a president who is happy to have foreigners robbing, raping and killing his citizens. We are the very citizens he has sworn to protect, but if you look at his campaign promises you know exactly what his word is worth.

Illegal immigrants already account for 3.5 percent of the US population. That means that they commit at least ten times more crime than any other group. They are committing ten times more violent crimes, rapes and murders.

But Obama refuses to take action to shut down sanctuary cities.

The leaders in San Francisco are proud of a policy that yet to a young girl being shot in the head by an illegal immigrant.

They refuse to obey the law of the land and now innocent Americans are bleeding in the street.

Obama and the Left want to pretend that illegal immigrants come here as families with hope for a better future. But so many are young, single men who are members of international gangs. They want to bring their reign of terror to the United States.

And Obama is fine with that.

He is now trying to convert every single illegal immigrant in the United States into a citizen. He is betraying our country and too many good men are staying silent.

All he can think about is the votes that will bring his party. Support for decades – while these same illegal immigrants rape, rob and murder our children.

What a surprise that a corrupt liar is willing to sell out our children’s future for a few votes and the chance to put his name on the front of a few community centers.

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