Insurance Companies Won’t Touch Obamacare With A Stick


Obamas great legacy from his first term as president was universal healthcare. He is so proud of his medical insurance for the people that it is now called ObamaCare. And of course it is a complete and utter failure. Less than five years later most people on ObamaCare can’t even use it. They have deductibles in the thousands.

Even though they technically have insurance they are still too poor to go to the doctor. Obama doesn’t help them until after they have paid the doctor three thousand dollars.

Most of us don’t spend that much on medical care in an entire year, so these people are paying for insurance and getting nothing back in return.

What good is insurance if people can’t actually afford to use it. Each year the premiums have skyrocketed. All of Obama’s promises to not raise the price of ObamaCare have turned to ashes in our mouths. Like most of his promises, time has turned them into lies. His plan is failing the American citizens.

Even massive insurance companies are fleeing the program like rats diving off of a sinking ship. UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest providers in the ObamaCare scheme and projects losses of $600 million in 2016. Not many companies can endure losses like that and they plan on ending their relationship with Obama in 2017 – probably five seconds after he leaves office.

The problem is quite simple. Too many sick people sign up for ObamaCare and there are not nearly enough healthy signups paying monthly premiums to support their medical care. Insurance only works when the number of healthy people is greater than the number of sick people.

Because Obama has little to no understanding of insurance, he failed to plan for this simple rule that you learn on your first day as an insurance salesman.

As with most of his other disastrous strategies, Obama will do anything other than admit he’s made a mistake. So he’s going to double down with a massive, secret bailout for the insurance companies. Every time he does something in secret it hurts every American.

Why does he only bailout the rich, but never the poor?

It’s like watching a loser in a casino at 4am on a Tuesday raiding his children’s college fund for one more run at the roulette wheel. We all know somebody should stop him but nobody seems willing to.

When will the madness end?

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