ISIS Is Terrified Of Trump – Sending Support To Hillary


Democrats and those on the left believe that ISIS and radical Islam as simply a result of poverty. As such they refuse to take a hardline stance on terrorists.

As much as Obama takes credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, it is important to note that US intelligence knew his location for a full SIX MONTHS before he allowed Navy Seals to go in and handle the job. Every day he found excused for inaction.

We both know that Trump would have sent in a missile on Day One, rather than trying to time the deal of the world’s top terrorist with a photo op. Most of the world’s worst criminals have donated money to the Clinton Foundation so they know that Hillary will dance to their tune.

She has demonstrated time and again that her services are for sale. She made tens of millions of dollars as Secretary of State betraying her country.

You’ll notice that every single Islamist organization is donating to Hillary’s campaign and hosting fundraising events. There is a reason that they love her. She has never taking a hardline on terrorism. Osama bin Laden built up al-Qaeda under her husband’s watch. She is a known quantity and certainly not one to be feared.

Right now we all know that terrorists are slipping across the border with Mexico and hiding amongst the hordes of “refugees” currently plaguing our shores. The moment he steps into office Trump is going to build a border wall and shut down Obama’s refugee welcoming program. The immigrants who suck our economy dry will no longer get a free pass. And when they do commit acts of terror, Trump will respond with an iron fist. Unlike Hillary and Obama who respond to terrorism by blaming Global Warming.

The idea that terrorism is caused by the environment is insanity itself. It’s clear that the Left are grasping at straws and will cling to ANY reason not to blame Muslims for their crimes and murders. This appeasement approach is a universal sign of weakness.

Trump doesn’t have that type of personality and harkens back to the America of World War II, when the country believed in strength. We used to respond to evil with force. We need to return to those days and get rid of the cowards currently leading our country.

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