Lack Of Refugee Screening Means More Terrorists Are Getting In


Obama is a lame duck president. Before he finally gets flung out of office his number one priority is to get as many of his fellow Muslim refugees into the country as possible. Everyone is asking the same question – how can we be sure that his screening process keeps out the terrorists.

ISIS has already said that they plan on inserting terrorists into the streams of refugees pouring into the West. Already there have been multiple attack in Paris perpetrated by fake refugees.

You can learn how to quickly and easily make a fake Syrian passport that will fool both US and European customs agents. Because there is no rule of law in Syria, you can make a fake passport in a matter of minutes. There are certainly no computer records to use for a background check.

Obama’s plan is to simply ask each person if they are a terrorist. As long as they promise they are not terrorists, he plans to let them into America.

The reason he doesn’t want to reveal his amazing screening process is simple. The emperor has new clothes. He would have to reveal that his plan is a joke and he just wants to pump as many refugees into the country as possible before he rides off into the sunset and watches this country burn in his rearview mirror.

Terrorists have already snuck in pretending to be refugees. This is not conjecture, opinion or racism. It is fact. There are hundreds of dead people in Paris that can attest to this new reality. Obama’s response to these attacks was to promise room for even more refugees.

With no plan and ability to actually screen these applicants, the worst of the worse will flow right into our country. He has been asked repeatedly what he is going to do that is different from Europe. We have seen terrorists slip through their screening procedures. The terrorists in California easily received Obama visas. Even when taken to court and the states demand to know how he’s going to screen these people his response is silence.

If he had a plan he would say something. Letting in more and more people is not the answer. Changing our immigration policies just because someone “promises” they are not a terrorist is not the answer.

It is no longer a matter of if there will be another attack, but when.

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