Michelle Obama’s Hashtag Activism Increases Terrorism


Do you remember when Boko Haram grabbed all of those schoolgirls? Most people seem to have forgotten that incident and it’s a real shame. Because now that same terrorist organization has become stronger than al-Qaeda. Members of ISIS have even said that they are too violent and too radical. Think about what you have to for a member of ISIS to say you have gone too far.

Why does Boko Haram become so bold?

When those girls were snatched and the slavery and rape began, two things happened. The white feminists in America showed how much they don’t care about women of color. And the president showed how weak he is.

Michelle Obama jumped on twitter and posted a picture holding up a sign wit the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls.” This is the way modern women think you can deal with a problem. If enough people repeat a tweet, maybe you can get someone fired but all you do is make real terrorists laugh.

Her husband is the head of the strongest military in the world. She could have walked into his office and asked him to send in the rough men who keep us safe at night.

Instead, she just asked him to “like” her tweet. And years later those girls are still being raped daily. Well, the ones that are still alive that is.

Hashtag activism is basically responding to force with tears. Who do you think terrorists are more afraid of – a squad of silent navy seals descending on their compound or a squad of college pansies descending on twitter to complain via hashtag?

We have a generation of people who believe that posting something on Tumblr, snapping some photos for Instagram, or “liking” something on Facebook counts as real activism. We now respond to even terrorism virtually. We have a huge segment of society that is living in a bubble and unfortunately even the First Lady now falls into that category. We are forced to wonder if Michelle Obama feels any shame for her weak leadership and the fact that her efforts have done zero to help those girls.

Every time we respond to violence with a hashtag instead of solders and strength the enemy becomes bolder. Because of our first response to Boko Haram they have grown ten times stronger. Thanks Michelle!

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