Obama Doesn’t Know What This Word Means


We all know the story of the “clock boy” from Texas. Obama is so pro-Muslim that he will jump on any chancy to help one out, even when he looks like a complete moron.

The kid took a clock out of its case, put it in a pencil box and called it an “invention.” That’s not what the word invention means.

If moving something from one container to another one makes you an inventor, then about one hundred million people invented cereal this morning.

Yet Obama could wait to jump on to Twitter to praise this kid for inventing a clock. Ignoring the fact that showing up with a beeping box should scare teachers. This kid then gets a bunch of follow on invites from left wing CEOs at companies like Google. They invite him to their big science fair.

Imagine how the kids who worked hard felt. They spent a year doing research and preparing a science project and a kid who took a clock out of its case gets the special invite.

The kid brought something to school that definitely looks like a bomb and beeps like a bomb.

What if the teachers had guessed wrong and the thing detonated? That would be a complete nightmare scenario, but Obama doesn’t care.

So he invites the kid for a hug at the White House, but big surprise he doesn’t let him bring the clock invention.

It turns out that the Secret Service doesn’t like things that look like bombs near the president. It’s ok to protect his security, but when it comes to white school children, our president just doesn’t care.

Instead of praising kids who work hard with real inventions, he has to show he doesn’t even know what the word means.

You can even see this kid on television showing off his new invention – a motherboard he took out of his computer.

Our education system has failed us when this kid, the mainstream media and even our president can’t tell the difference between and invention and a bowl of cereal. It’s terrifying to live under this reign of idiocy.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Obama is leaving office soon and will hopefully fade away like a bad memory.

Although, I can’t wait to see what he “invents” next.

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