Obama Faked Being American To Illegally Steal The Presidency


Who is Barack H Obama really? He was allegedly born in Honolulu Hawaii August 4th 1961, but nobody seems to really know the truth.

How can we trust a man that has gone by 3 different names in the past and his birth certificate has never been fully submitted to the Secretary of State.

There are two major points of contention about Barack Obama’s past – his father’s origin of birth and Obama’s birth certificate.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against Obama, but he has used the accusation of racism to shield him from having to prove that he is even legally eligible to be the president.

There are numerous flaws in the suspicious “partial birth certificate” that he has provided. But if you look too closely or ask too many questions you will simply be labeled a racist.

When Obama was born his father was not an American citizen. There are strong reasons to believe that Obama was born abroad and moved here a few years later.

He has managed to bury this crucial fact under the rug. And one is forced to wonder what else this man has hidden from us. He went around talking about how he was a strong Christian during his first election, but about five seconds after swearing into office he seemed to magically turn into a Muslim.

The documents that Obama originally submitted in New Jersey to run for president were forgeries. His own lawyers finally admitted that in 2012.

The rules for running for president are quite clear and were set out in the Constitution that way for a reason. If there is any ambiguity, that person should not be allowed to run for president. He’s “probably” eligible is simply not good enough.

The purpose of the American Citizen requirement is to ensure that the commander of our nation does not suffer from mixed loyalties. Based on Obama’s behavior as president that rule was a good one and should have been enforced.

He has made a series of bad decisions that were either blunders or signs of external loyalty.

Even if Obama was born in the United States, there is strong evidence that he was born with dual citizenship.

And under Article 2 of the US Constitution, someone born with dual citizenship is ineligible to be president.

It’s a shame that the Constitution was not enforced.

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