Obama Hires Huge New “Staff” For Secret Project That Will Put Every American In Danger


Obama is leaving office in a year.  He only has one year left to make the country as terrible as possible.  And he has really stepped up his game.  He is already taking actions to disarm as much of the population as he can get away with.

His next step is to fee as many criminals from jail as possible.  To that end he has expanded the Department of Justice.  Not to hire more prosecutors or police.  Instead he has hired a whole new staff to stock the “pardon office.” Their only job is to let prisoners out of jail early.

He has something so big planned that he needs to hire a whole new team.  Get ready for presidential pardons to rain down from on high on the worst of America’s criminals.  He wants to open the gates and flood our communities with as many criminals as possible.

Does more criminals and less citizens with the ability to defend themselves sound like a good combination to you?

Rumors have come down from the West Wing that Obama plans to spring as many as 20,00 convicted inmates from federal prison.  This will be the greatest prison break in history.  And these criminals will be rushing out of prison and directly into your neighborhoods.

Obama has already taking actions to lessen the sentences of America’s worst offenders and greatest enemies.  He has already released the “worst prisoner” at Guantanamo Bay along with many other terrorists, who hate America.

It is clear that Obama was just testing the waters to see what he could get away with before.  Now he is preparing to go all the way and just release criminals en masse.

It is time to start asking yourself a few crucial questions.  Why does Obama want to release so many prisoners?  Why is he hiring a whole new team to free these prisoners?

It’s almost like he knows that he Department of Justice would balk at freeing the very prisoners they worked so hard to put away.  I guess if they won’t do what you want, you can just hire more people who will.

It seems like it’s always refugees and criminals who get the best from our president.  Do you think that’s the way our country should operate?  Who do you think Obama should invest his time in helping – hard working citizens or convicted criminals?

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