Obama Selects Czar To Fight ISIS…Get Ready To Lose


Obama isn’t ready to publicly admit ISIS is a real threat – despite the many victims in France and California. Just hours before the attack in France he called them the JV team. Then he said that they were contained. Either English isn’t his first language or we have a serious problem in the White House.

Only a moron would think that California was “workplace violence.” But that’s the president we have right now. He has finally decided to hire someone for the sole purpose of focusing on ISIS. So whom does he choose? Is it an ex-general? How about a former CIA agent who has expertise in the Middle East?


Obama decided to go a different way.

Obama tapped Rob Malley to head the United States effort against ISIS. What Obama failed to mention is that Malley got in trouble recently for secretly meeting with Hama, another terrorist organization in the Middle East.

I guess Obama is of the school if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

He decided to put a known terrorist sympathizer in charge of stopping the terrorists. Next he is going to be telling every farmer in America to put foxes in charge of guarding their chickens.

If I didn’t know better I would say that Obama is trying to throw the game. Like a college sports star that borrowed money from the mafia, he is trying to lose to ISIS without looking like he’s trying to lose.

Calling ISIS the JV team hours before they slaughter hundreds in Paris.

Saying ISIS is contained – even though the head of the Joint Chiefs told him exactly the opposite.

So many people blame Obama’s mistakes on him being a moron. Now it’s hard to refute with his barrage of terrible decisions and weak-kneed “leadership.”

But what if something more sinister is afoot?

How can putting a terrorist-sympathizer be a bumbling accident? At some point we should start looking at Obama with a little more suspicion. No one is so unlucky that they lose every single time…

We are already losing to ISIS on every single battlefront. ISIS has taken American lives on American soil. How much worse could we be doing?

I guess with Obama in charge we will find the answer to that question.

And it keeps me up at night.

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