Obama To Dump Droves Of Illegals At Military Bases Near You


Obama wants to welcome as many “refugees” as possible into our country before his term as president concludes next year.  We have already seen that recent immigrants have gone on killing sprees, such as in California.

It doesn’t matter how many immigrants commit rapes and murders across Europe and America, Obama simply can’t get enough. And now they were pumping their children into our country.  Rather than growing up in the country of their birth, these kids are being dumped on our doorstep.

Even more refugees that will only take from the economy and offer nothing in return.  Rather than finding relatives to raise these lost children, the Obama administration has found an opportunity to lower our military readiness.

We are already spread thin around the world as our military fights in multiple theaters of conflict.  Now we are going to house hordes of refugee children on American military bases.  Obama has turned the men in charge of protecting our freedoms into babysitters.

The Pentagon has already confirmed that six military bases — including Alabama’s Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base — were being looked at as possible sites to house the new influx of unaccompanied minor children.  The Air Force personnel at this base are focused on keeping America safe.  That is their job and that is the only task they should be focused on.

Their mission is hard enough without having to spend time taking care of a bunch of refugee children.  Being in the military is hard enough without getting extra non-related tasks added to your agenda.

Nobody wants these kids.  That is why Obama is forcing the only people he can order around to take them in.  The military has to obey the President.  But what should they do when the President is giving them non-military orders?

We already take in millions of immigrants every single year.  Do we really need to start filling up our military bases too?  If the civilian side of our government doesn’t have the resources to house and take care of these “refugees” then maybe we shouldn’t be taking them in at all.

There aren’t enough resources to take in every single person in the world who wants to live in America.  Even attempting that is already strangling our economy.  Do you think Obama should spend more time thinking about the orphans in our own country first?

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