Obama Wants To Free Top Al-Queada Members Before He Leaves Office


Some of the people that Obama has freed from prison are absolutely terrifying.

He has already freed Fawzi al-Odah, known to be one of the top men in al-Qaeda and considered to be one of the most dangerous prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. So of course Obama set him free. Who cares if he is just going to go back to his terrorist ways and plot more attacks against our country?

Obama has also released one of the key architects behind the devastating attacks of September 11th, 2001.

What crime does a person have to commit for Obama to want to leave them in prison? It seems like the only people Obama wants in jail are police officers who use their guns in the line of duty. What a great leader.

Terrorists he released back in 2009 have already rejoined the fray and become key leaders in ISIS. He keeps returning our enemies to the battlefield so that they can kill more American soldiers and plan more attacks.

And Obama is just getting started.

He has plans to empty out Guantanamo before leaving office. He is doing his best to free the worst terrorists, criminals and masterminds. It’s just like in the new Batman movie when every single villain is release from prison at the same time. Chaos ensues.

He is always talking about how our behavior causes terrorists to attack us. But victim blaming should never be a justification. People who plan terrorist attacks and murder civilians should not be freed. These are some of the worst people walking the face of the earth and he’s letting them go with a handshake and a smile. And five minutes later these villains are back up to their old tricks and planning ways to kill the innocent again.

It makes one wonder whose side Obama is really on. When he’s not freeing terrorists, he’s allowing them to sneak into our country as long as they fill out a single form promising that they aren’t terrorists.

For those prisoners who he has decided not to release just yet – they will be sent to domestic American prisons. This will allow them to recruit and train the prison population as domestic terrorists. There was a reason that we wanted terrorists separated from other prisoners. Too bad Obama doesn’t understand the danger; or more likely he simply doesn’t care.

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