Obama Will Always Blame The Right


After the shooting in Paris, the first words out of Obama’s mouth were to shut down “Islamaphobia.” He seems to think that the world means “hatred of Islam.” He should be embarrassed. He is the only person in the entire country that doesn’t know “phobia” means fear. Yet again we have to wonder if English is his first language…

But maybe we should be afraid of Muslims…they do account for the majority of all terrorists.

During the attacks in California, before we knew it was Muslims again – every reporter was on TV blaming white people and asking for gun control.

They even interviewed the widow of a victim to see if it was the victim’s fault for being too Christian.

When the killer is white we blame the killer. When the killer is Muslim we blame the victims.

Obama is pushing as hard as he can for more gun control. If he is able to disarm the people, then his power increases.

When the only people with guns are his servants, then the next phase of tyranny will begin.

Before we know anything about the shooter. Before the shooting even starts. Obama has his narrative. He needs to create a story that leads to gun control and more power for him and his fellow liberals.

Every time there is a murder he will blame his enemies. When a police officer shoots a murderer, he blames the police.

When a cop is shot in the back of the head – he blames the police. It seems like Obama always blames the victim. He is the boss of every police officer in the country. So why can’t he support his employees? It makes one wonder how out of touch this president really is.

Obama is incapable of perceiving reality. He has already created the story and he now just twists every event to match the story he created. He is so far from reality that the Intelligence Services no longer no how to communicate with him.

He went on television and said ISIS was contained – just hours before another attack.

The heads of the military and intelligence agencies have all confirmed that they never told Obama that. He made it up. Because it fits the imaginary world he lives in – where he is a great president and Muslims aren’t killing his people.

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