Paul Ryan’s Secret Deal With Obama


In 2012 Paul Ryan ran against Obama. He could have been the Vice President.

You would think that means Obama is his enemy. But if that’s the case then you really don’t understand how things work inside the beltway.

These guys pretend to be enemies on television and then meet in back rooms to figure out ways to ruin our country. Obama is pushing his massive trade deal, which will basically destroy the American economy.

When was the last time you heard about how great NAFTA was? That was our first trade deal with Canada and Mexico. There was so much talk about how it would help our economy. Until the bill passed, that is. Then we watched more and more jobs disappear into Mexico, never to be seen again.

Obama cares about legacy, not this country.

Why do you think he wants everyone to call his healthcare program ObamaCare? He doesn’t care that it doesn’t work and it’s imploding.

Obama just wants to get his name on as many buildings as possible before he collapses our economy.

Paul Ryan is pushing through this trade deal and trying to get a vote before anyone can even read the document. Would you sign a contract that a lawyer put in front of you and told you that you weren’t allowed to read it? Of course not.

When someone tells you to sign something you haven’t read, it’s a guarantee that you are about to get screwed. It’s about ten thousand times worse to pass a law under the same conditions. Because when a law gets passed by people who haven’t read it, an entire nation gets screwed.

Congress exists to be a check on the president’s power. The last thing they should do is hand more power over to this president.

Without checks and balances, the way to tyranny opens up. We already have a president listening to every single phone call and reading every email – after he promised that he would be the one to stop it.

His word means nothing.

We have seen Obama break promise after promise, what reason is there to believe that he will suddenly see the light and start keeping his word now?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me.

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