President Obama Wants To Kill As Many Patriots As He Can


Imagine this little scenario.  You are a rancher who has his cattle grazing on federal land.  Land that was NOT federal land when your family bought that ranch and started raising cattle to keep America fed.  One day you set a fire in the grass to prevent a larger fire down the line.  This is called a back fire and it happens all the time.

No property is damage because you know exactly what you are doing.  The federal government hates you because you are a landowner so they put you in jail for FIVE years.  For setting a controlled wildfire like your family has done for hundreds of years in the same location.

You put your head down and go to jail with you son.  You take it like a man.  Your relatives are able to keep the ranch running while you suffer the indignity of imprisonment for the crime of knowing how to control nature.  Five years after you get out a judge decides that you should have served more jail time and tries to give you five more years.

Are you going to let them do it to you again?  The Constitution specifically forbids “double jeopardy” – being tried or punished for the same crime twice.

You and your friends have had enough.  The government is walking all over your rights and now they want to burn the Constitution.

This is exactly what happened to the Hammonds.  They have been ranchers in this country since before the Bureau of Land Management was even conceived.  Their friends the Bundy’s, who have resisted federal tyranny in the past, have decided to side with these men.

Obama wants to call these men domestic terrorists.  Their fire burned grass.  So that a future fire wouldn’t spread out of control and burn homes and animals.  They didn’t hurt a single living creature or burn anyone’s property.  But Obama wants to put them in jail for the same crime TWICE.

So they said no.  They will not allow the federal government steal land and punish people for crimes without a trial and in direct violation of The Constitution.  Do not be surprised that every single left wing pundit is on television saying that these protestors should be murdered…after all they vote republican.  Obama cares more for a bunch of terrorists and refugees than he does for the men whose hard work maintains our food supply.

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