Sweden Is Now The Rape Capital Of Europe – Thank You Immigrants


In Sweden one out of every four people is an immigrant or the child of one. And the majority of those immigrants are Muslim.

If you were to try to immigrate to Sweden from the United States it would be extraordinarily difficult. You have to prove you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and that you will never need any of their public social services.

But if you are a refugee or have a fake passport, then they welcome you with open arms and give you free housing and some spending money as well.

Although girls on college campuses that sleeping with a boy when you’re drunk and then changing your mind to call it rape a year later means we have an epidemic of rape culture in the West – Sweden has a real rape problem.

Their rape rate is now four times higher than the United States – and we are talking about violent, stranger rape here. There is no ambiguity that these are violent and horrible crimes. 77% of them are committed by Muslim men.

When the majority of crime is committed by a small segment of society there is a sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately, everyone is so afraid of being called racist that they won’t admit there is a problem. The Quran holds no love for women. If a woman is raped and less than four men are witnesses at the trial, she will be executed for sex out of wedlock. It is any surprise that people who follow that law treat women like garbage?

In Stockholm this summer there were an average of 5 rapes a day. The entire nation keeps welcoming in more and more foreigners – and their women are paying the price. To point out that all the men who commit these rapes have something in common is to be called a racist.

But there is good new for Sweden.

Obama wants to import as many of these rape loving, women hating, Quran-toting hordes as possible to American shores. At exactly the same time as he dreams of taking away your right to defend yourself.

If you think that the Left is “pro-women” just look at what happened to Sweden. They have laws that say half the board of directors of ever company must be female, but they do nothing to stop this rape epidemic.

Do you think any female CEOs want to move to Sweden now?

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