The Secret Reason Obama Wants As Many Refugees As Possible


Politicians only care about one thing – power. Power comes in two forms, money and votes. Refugees represent a huge number of guaranteed votes.

Muslims and refugees will always vote for the left. Obama gives them free housing, free food and even some pocket money for iPhones and video games. They are living the high life.

One of the little secrets that Obama is trying to keep the American people from finding out about is his “fast track to citizenship” program.

If a scientist moves to America from England to cure cancer, it can take them a decade to become a citizenship. A Muslim with a fake Syrian passport gets to swap it in for a real American passport in just twelve months.

We all know that terrorists know how to bide their time, so why does Obama want to make it so easy for them?

Because the moment they become citizens they can start voting. They can vote for the Left to their hearts content and they can start voting for more Muslims. They will vote to change immigration laws. They will vote against border fences. They will vote for lenient punishments for terrorists. When you give the vote to someone who wants to kill you, your death becomes inevitable.

They want to take over our country the way they have Europe. If he gets in enough refugees, waves his magic wand to make them American citizens and give them the vote – we will lose control of our own country. The plan of our enemies is clear and yet those who have sworn do defend our Constitution ignore and shame it on a daily basis.

The great Muslim plan of divide and conquer will come to fruition. And all while Obama is at the helm. None of his actions up until now have demonstrated any love or compassion for his fellow Americans. He hates cops. He hates white people.

When a cop is murdered in cold blood does Obama write the family or attend the funeral? Never. Not once in eight years has he shown any compassion for the people who fight to defend our freedom.

The only people he cares about are the very ones that want to destroy us.

It’s time to change the course of our country and save it before it’s too late. Don’t let Obama stuff the ballot box with terrorists and criminals.

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