The United States Is The Only Country To Share THIS With Eritrea


Imagine you find a job in a foreign country. Maybe a country that doesn’t open its arms to welcome hordes of terrorists and gang-rapers. Sounds pretty nice right?

You can escape all the danger.

But you’re not free.

Obama still wants you to pay for those refugees. The United States is one of only two countries in the world that makes you pay taxes on money you make in another country. So now you have to fill out two tax forms a year. If there is one word that defines every single politician in Washington, that word is greed.

But what do those taxes really get you?

If terrorists kidnap you will Obama send the Special Forces to come rescue you? Nope. He doesn’t care about you. He’s going to hop on the television and say that Islam is a religion of peace.

And after you get beheaded on YouTube, he’s going to go after all the money in your bank accounts in the form of an inheritance tax. He puts his hands into your pockets whether you try and leave the country or his poor leadership gets you killed.

The only other country in the world that does this is Eritrea. A lovely and terrifying dictatorship in the heart of Africa. The only reason to visit there is if you are a huge fan of war crimes, atrocities and ethnic cleansing.

At least Obama is in good company.

This is the reason that Americans are ditching their citizenship in droves. And of course Obama’s response it to raise the fee for renouncing your citizenship and then saying you are never allowed to visit America again. His only desire is to steal as much money from Americans as possible.

Most of your tax dollars go to food stamps and welfare for Muslim “refugees,” bailouts for his billionaire friends and of course to support re-election campaigns.

Raising the fee to renounce your citizenship is like a petulant child stamping his foot before taking his toys to go home and play alone.

Our laws are designed to punish those born in America who work hard but at the same time reward anyone who sneaks across the border – even if they just want to kill Americans.

Our country is so backwards sometime.

Do you think Obama is focused on the right issues?

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