The US Company Secretly Helping ISIS


Have you ever noticed that ISIS has a really strong online presence? They are a bunch of rebels shooting of AK47s in the desert and yet somehow the world has decided they have the most sophisticated of online knowledge.

Most of these guys can’t even read. When they catch terrorists there level of education is similar to that of a young chimney sweep in the early 1800s.

For some reason, the ability to use Twitter and Facebook has become a sign of intelligence and technical sophistication. But most five-year olds can handle Facebook. And Twitter is even easier. There must be some reason that the new is constantly telling us that ISIS are Internet masters.

If their websites were all hosted on a server farm in a desert in Iraq, we could simply fly a plane overhead and drop a bomb to destroy all of that infrastructure.

For that very reason, you will discover upon closer inspection that ISIS hosts their servers in the United States and Europe. The very people they hate are providing the resources they need to recruit more terrorists.

CloudFlare is the company that most other websites rely on as a backup in case they have a technical problem or there is an attack on their site.

So even if the US government tries to start taking down ISIS websites, CloudFlare is there to fight on ISIS behalf.

Of course what would happen if an ISIS team were in CloudFlare’s head offices? Do they think that these terrorists would spare them just because they betrayed their country for a few dollars? History shows us that betrayal for money rarely leads to such kindness.

It’s amazing how companies will justify taking money from criminals, but it’s astounding when they take money from terrorists. They are helping to make sure that every single radical-wannabe can watch beheading videos and learn how to make homemade bombs to their black hearts content.

It’s sad and disheartening to see what some companies will do to make a few bucks. Even when directly accused of backing up ISIS websites, CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince has made it clear that he will accept money from anyone – even people who hope to one day cut off his head and post the video on their website. Where of course CloudFlare will backup everything for posterity.

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