Under Fire From G.O.P. Obama Defends Response to Terror Attacks


After pretending that he was winning in the Middle East and making promise after promise to bring our troops home, Obama has finally revealed that he is going to pour troops back into the Middle East.

Recent ISIS victories and terrorist attacks have shown that Obama’s foreign policy simply isn’t working.  More soldiers have died under Obama than under Bush.  And now Obama has stated that he is going to send enough troops to allow 100 US soldiers to die every month.

It’s not very often that you hear the president use “dead US soldiers” as a unit of measurement, but Obama finally did it.

Obama has finally admitted that he refused to send more troops to the Middle East, despite many losses of territories and setbacks, because he was afraid that casualties and financial costs would shoot through the roof.  His new plan could cost a struggling US economy as much as ten billion dollars a month.

In addition to the one hundred deaths a month, he predicts five hundred wounded soldiers a month.  Soldiers that will be thrown to the wolves of the Veteran’s hospitals.  The same hospitals that are constantly in the news for their low level of care for our precious veterans.

Obama now claims that he was slow to respond to the many terrorist attacks of 2015 and now he realizes that his “low key” response to the terrorist attacks let most American’s to lose faith in his ability to lead.  Perhaps this is because he still refuses to call the Paris attackers Muslim terrorists?

The only reason he is taking these actions now is because of pressure from the public.  Republican presidential candidates are calling him weak on defense.  It’s nice to know that the only reason he is taking action is because he doesn’t want to look weak.

With an election next year the nation is especially vulnerable.  It’s time to put a warrior in the White House.  We have already seen how Hillary Clinton handles the Middle East with her Benghazi debacle.

It’s clear that Obama is only sending troops to die so that he can get another Democrat into the White House.

Do you think the President should use American troops for political gain?  Are American lives worth more than pieces on a chessboard?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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