Why Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship In Droves


One of the best measures of how great America truly is as a nation is how many Americans are throwing away their passports just to escape. There are two countries in the world that tax their citizens when they live abroad – the United States and Eritrea. It’s not a good sign when you’re only company is a horrifying African dictatorship.

What are the benefits of paying taxes when you don’t actually reside in the United States? If you are in trouble will the embassy actually help you? Probably not.

What about if you are kidnapped by terrorists? Will Obama send Seal Team Six? Only if you are major campaign donor. And even then you better cross the fingers that you have left.

When was the last time you heard about an American kidnapped abroad being rescued? That’s because it almost never happens. The government taxes its citizens and then spends all that wealth on refugees. Those who pay into the tax pool receive almost zero benefits.

The government is doing its best to force out our best and brightest. There are a host of regions to flee the United States and fewer and fewer reasons to stay.

Do we really want to replace our most intelligent and wealthy citizens with a barrage of refugees who will spend their entire lives on welfare? As more and more of our top citizens flee the amount of money available for these takers continues to diminish. We are living in a house of cards that will soon be collapsing.

Each quarter this year has seen a new record for US citizens renouncing.

Obama’s response has been to raise the fee to renounce your citizenship to twenty times what most other countries charge. And to punish these ex-citizens by refusing them visas when they want to visit relatives. That’s a great idea – let’s get our best and brightest to leave and then ensure that they never come back to spend another penny growing our economy.

The biggest problem with America is that we don’t build anything anymore. Look at Detroit. They are literally ripping the buildings apart to sell the pipes and wires to China. We are exporting our infrastructure – and the very people who could turn our economy around.

Why does Obama want to get rid of all the smart people?

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