Why Every Muslim Will Vote For Hillary


If you look at a bar graph of terrorist attacks and civilian deaths over the past ten, twenty or even first years a disturbing, but not very surprising, trend reveals itself. Under every single Democrat president terrorist attacks go up.

The math doesn’t lie, even though it’s terrifying. Telling terrorists that you are sorry for hurting their feelings and blaming attacks on Republicans and the environment just isn’t enough.

If we don’t learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it.

There is a fundamental flaw in the Democrat mindset and it’s based on a combination of pretentiousness and racism. Hillary would never admit that a terrorist might be a bad person who likes to do bad things. She would die before admitting that criminals might actually be bad.

In her mind everything bad that happens is the fault of Republicans, Christians or anyone else she doesn’t agree with.

She believes that terrorism is caused by poverty. This completely ignores the fact that terrorist leaders are all extremely wealthy. Osama bin Laden comes from a super rich oil family. He had enough money to build a giant vault and go swimming in it if he wanted to.

If terrorists are all poor, then why can they fund such sophisticated international attacks.

Her believe is prima facie flawed.

But she will always have sympathy for Muslims. She believes that they are a product of their environment and not smart enough to control their own destinies. So everything they do is the result of someone else’s action. This is how pre-school children view the world as well. As long as she refuses to blame a murderer for killing people, they will never stop.

As Secretary of State she failed at every single task set before her. Diplomats who asked her for security personnel died when she refused their request and then “accidentally” revealed their locations using the wrong email account.

If you had the power to vote for the leader of ISIS would you vote for a warrior or a coward? Someone who sees you as a threat or someone who foolishly sees you as a child who needs guidance?

Just wait for the next election when every single Muslim in American reveals their true allegiance and votes for Hillary. And she couldn’t be more pleased. She has already shown that she’s more than happy to sell out her own country as long as she benefits.

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