Why ISIS Wants Gun Control In America


I wonder how Obama would respond to this.

A terrorist walks into a bar in Silver Springs, Colorado. He has snuck into the United States by pretending to be a refugee from a country he’s never even been to and been giving weapons and support by domestic sympathizers. He has a machine gun and a bag of grenades.

In the year 1848, he would be dead within five minutes. Every single cowboy in the bar is wearing at least one six-shooter on his hip and knows how to use it.

Every single man is responsible for his own defense and takes it seriously. Terrorism has zero chance of succeeding in this environment.

Fast forward to present day where Colorado has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the entire United States. As they strengthen these gun control laws, incidents of crowd attacks are skyrocketing.

A terrorist on a suicide mission doesn’t care about gun control. He is planning on killing as many people as possible before blowing himself up and couldn’t care less about the possibility of going to jail for an unregistered fire arm. Now when he walks into that exact same bar, every single person is armed with only a cell phone.

Chaos ensues.

We have turned a room full of people capable of defending themselves into a room full of sitting ducks. When you are sitting there as the bullets start to fly, do you want a cell phone in your hand or a chance to save your family? Areas with strong gun control have the most killing sprees.

Obama and his administration and everyone on the Left is so worried that an armed citizenry is a bad thing. But nearly all gun crimes are committed with illegal weapons. They aren’t interested in actually stopping terrorists or murderers. Most of the newly proposed gun legislation wouldn’t have prevented a single attack from the past 5 years. If they really cared about stopping violence the laws would focus on disarming the criminals – not law-abiding citizens.

Our slow police response has demonstrated that these villains can have free rein for long enough to kill dozens or even hundreds of people. The world is turning back into the Wild West and people need to take responsibility for their personal protection. The only people in favor of gun control are people who have bodyguards and of course the members of ISIS themselves.

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