Why Obama Refuses To Shut Down Boko Haram


Obama is constantly on television grandstanding and speaking out against the police. Whenever a police officer shoots a black person, he always assumes that person is innocent – even if he was literally fleeing a violent crime when the policeman encountered him.

But when was the last time you hear him speak out against black people killing each other. Ninety-nine percent of all violent black deaths are at the hands of other black people. But to put it simply, Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’t want the world to realize that the president is wearing invisible clothes.

All his promises are empty.

Crime is up. Soldier deaths are up. Terrorism deaths are up.

He is failing in every category. His wife hopped into Twitter twice to post messages against Boko Haram.

Her work was so successful that they now use these poor girls as suicide bombers against their will. She managed to make things worse by going to Twitter to make a difference, rather than simply asking her husband – the man who leads the strongest military in the world – to send in some soldiers.

All this time Boko Haram is literally laughing at Barack Obama.

But he will never take action. These terrorists are black and he never wants to draw attention to that type of criminal.

They are black. They are Muslim. And they are from Nigeria.

Does that sound like anyone else you know? Maybe the reason he won’t take action is even more sinister. The reason the Constitution doesn’t allow a president who was born with dual citizenship is because he is a man of mixed loyalties. And it certainly seems that Obama is acting that way now. He is probably just waiting for them to get fake Syrian passports so they can sneak into America as refugees.

Nobody in America really cares about black people if they are living in another country. The only black people he really likes to give attention to are the rich ones on college campuses crying out that racism is on the rise – while there is a black president. And he only listens to them because their parents funded his presidential campaign.

Too bad these poor girls in Africa don’t have money to donate to the Democratic Party. If they had money Obama might care enough to stop their unending pain and suffering.

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