Why The Establishment Is Terrified Of Trump


Both political parties are terrified of Donald Trump.

He is an outsider and he is different than every other candidate. He’s already rich so he doesn’t need to sell out.

Hillary has taken money from war criminals, oil companies and organizations that fund terrorism. She doesn’t care. She needs that money to maintain her lifestyle. She has no idea how to run a business. She just knows how to trade off her husband’s name.

Right before a military contracting company was about to go on trail for war crimes for atrocities in Africa, Hillary received a sizable donation. A few million dollars and suddenly the charges were dropped. She signed the papers herself. She said that there wasn’t enough evidence to go to trial. She sold her soul for a few pieces of silver.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party isn’t doing much better. Half of Jeb Bush’s income is from political cronyism. They all do it.

Both political parties vote for each other’s financial projects because they are all ripping off the American people together.

As much as the political parties pretend to be at war with each other, when it comes to ripping off the American people, they are on the same team. That’s why we can change presidents and congress, but the spending seems to never stop.

We all know that the mainstream media is part of that political propaganda machine. They choose to only report stories that match their narrative. When there is a public shooting they focus on the fact that the killer is white, but the moment they find out it was a Muslim they stop reporting race. It would be “offensive.”

Trump is a DC outsider.

He is independently wealthy and that means his vote is not for sale. He doesn’t need to get on his needs for money from Big Oil, Big Tobacco, or any of the other industries that currently have complete control over the White House.

Every time there is pork barrel spending, all the politicians scratch each other’s backs to make sure they share the stolen money. But Trump doesn’t need to be a part of that. He didn’t make his money selling out his soul as a politician.

Because he doesn’t need their money, he cannot be controlled.

And that has the DC establishment very, very frightened.

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