Why The FBI Is Terrified Of Obama’s Refugee “Background Checks”


A recent Homeland Security Committee hearing reveals exactly why we should be as worried about all of these “Obama refugees” as the FBI is. If the FBI and Homeland Security take the time to stop their turf wars and worry about the same problem, then you know it’s serious. This should be a major red flag, rather than something that Obama is sweeping under the rug.

Over and over again Obama has promised that he has a great background check system in place to ensure that no terrorists slip through the net by pretending to be asylum seekers.

Yet, when he is pressed to explain how the background checks will work he suddenly quiets down. There is nothing quite so scary as when a politician asks you to trust him, while he does something in secret.

That’s not the country I was born in.

The Director of the National Counter terrorism Center has already confirmed that terrorists aspire to sneak into the country using our refugee program. This comes as no surprise as the refugee strategy in Europe has already led to blood on the streets of Paris.

He admitted that Obama’s entire background check strategy is to have the refugee fill out a form and see if it looks like the forms of other refugees.

We are simply hoping that a terrorist trying to infiltrate our country to harm people will not lie on a government form. Both the FBI Directory and the Secretary of Homeland Security have admitted that they do not have the ability to successfully screen and perform background checks on refugees.

How can they possibly stop a terrorist when he has a fake passport that he only had to pay $250 for? It’s a fact that there are loads of fake Syrian passports out there. And Obama’s strategy is simply laughable.

Our screening process is a lot more like a sieve.

And Obama simply doesn’t care.

He wants to get as many Muslims into the country as possible before his term in office ends. That is his endgame and if you aren’t terrified then you should be. Paris should have been a wake up call but instead Obama is doubling down. He wants to pump in as many “refugees” as possible. He keeps promising that “most” of them aren’t terrorists. But shouldn’t he be more worried about the victims of these terrorist attacks? It sure looks like he doesn’t care about our country.

Do you?

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