Why The Left Will Never Stop Anchor Babies


An illegal immigrant woman can jump across the border during labor, have her baby on our side of the fence and that baby is declared an American.

The Left would have you believe that this is one of the things that makes America great. It is certainly one of the things that keeps our prisons full. We are the only developed country in the world that still has this moronic practice.

Try it in France and they will kindly escort you back across the border with your baby. They repealed this foolish law way back in 1993. Australia did it in 2007. There is a reason that everyone else stopped this practice.

It rewards illegal behavior and puts extra burdens on our entire social net. Welfare and all the other social programs were designed to have Americans work as a team, if you keep letting everyone who sneaks across the border get the payouts without putting the work in. Our national finances will collapse.

If we want to keep our country strong we need to follow these other countries. But the left will never give up.

Anchor babies bring over cheap labor relatives, tend to be criminals and tend to live off of American social services. That means that they grow up to vote Democrat.

Obama and Hillary will do anything for more votes and watering down our economy and population means nothing to them. They keep saying that America is the greatest country in the world with open arms.

Does that mean the entire population of the planet should move on in?

Our economy can only support so many mooches before it crumbles. Watching ObamaCare collapse so majestically shows exactly what happens when we let the Left run the show.

They don’t understand that insurance only works if most of the people are healthy.

If more people take money out than put money in – the entire house of cards collapses. I know that liberals love to get as many votes as possible, I just wish they could do it without ripping our country to pieces and filling it with criminals.

American citizenship should be something that is earned through hard work and putting effort into our country. Not something you get because your mom gave birth before she was deported.

Have you ever heard of an illegal alien that came here and become a doctor? Me neither.

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