Why The Left Will Never Stop Defending Islam


Muslims overwhelmingly vote for the Left…

For that reason alone they have developed a toxic and symbiotic relationship. More than ninety-percent of all Muslim “refugees” that Obama has shoved into our country illegally have zero job skills or desire to become true Americans. They just enjoy their monthly checks paid for the by sweat of real Americans.

Once he gets them over here they exchange free gifts, housing and food for votes. The vast majority of Muslim immigrants in the Unite States are on food stamps. Most of them are also on welfare.

They didn’t come here to follow the American dream. They came here to bleed our country dry. The have no work ethic and instead Obama simply pays them to votes.

It’s a corrupt and ugly practice.

They Left is selling out our country to foreigners. Right now the United States is watching our best and brightest flee the country and ditch their citizenship. All you get for being a hardworking citizen is to pay into a fund that gives iPhones and McDonalds to “refugees” with fake papers who hate America anyways.

The Left keeps calling Islam a religion of peace. But take a look at ANY Muslim majority country. Do you want do live in a country where a woman can be beheaded for going to the grocery store alone, driving a car, or being raped without enough witnesses? How is that a religion of peace?

When was the last time we heard ANY Muslim condemn a terrorist attack? And yet every week Obama and Hillary are up there praising this religion. They don’t care how many people these terrorists kill. As long as they keep voting Democrat they are a protected group.

Sitting in the Oval Office Obama is weighing the lives of Americans against the value of Muslim votes – and the lives just aren’t worth enough to him. Like most politicians the only thing he cares about is increasing his power. And every American death is a chance for him to grab a little more.

Every time there is an attack he finds a way to blame American citizens, gun control or the Right.

Why won’t he just blame the guy with the machine gun mowing down innocent people?

Because his vote is for sale and it always will be.

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