Will Hillary Clinton Live Long Enough To Run For President?


She’s been trying to hide it for a long time but Hillary Clinton is ill.  You might remember her extremely long “bathroom break” during the Democratic presidential debate.  Or perhaps not.  Almost nobody watched those debates.

Many people speculated that there must be more going on, because nobody spends that long in the rest room during a debate when they are running for president.  Only the lackluster competition in the Democratic Party allowed her to get away with it for so long.

It has now come to light that her “bathroom break” was something for more serious.  There are signs that she has long-lasting symptoms from a concussion, as well as a blood clot.

The last thing citizens want to hear is that their president has brain problems, which explains why Hillary tried to keep her malady under wraps.  Neurologists are already pointing out that these types of medical conditions severely impact one’s cognitive abilities.

Simply put her brain injury could diminish her ability to hold higher office.

Neurosurgeons have started to point out that shy might not have the physical stamina to be president. If she doesn’t have the ability to get through a debate on national television for two hours, how on Earth will she last through a military crisis where the president needs to be awake for two days straight?

The Cuban Missile Crisis lasted a full thirteen days, with no downtime for the president to take “bathroom breaks.” The crisis of a terrorist attack demands an instant reaction from the president.  There is simply no room for a president with this type of malady, no matter which party they come from.

We know that the mainstream media will do everything in their power to cover up this medical issue.  They want to put Hillary in the White House, even if it means she collapses two weeks into her presidency.

They might very well be putting her vice president into the White House when her issue flares up again and she cannot do her job.

Politics aside it is important to have a leader who is at the top of their game.  We need to show strength to the world.  Do you think Russia will respect us if our president disappears for thirty-minute bathroom breaks every time things get stressful?

Do you want a president with “diminished cognitive abilities”?  Let us know in the comments below.

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