Why Feminists Care More About “Safe Spaces” Than Rape Victims


Freedom of speech is dying in America and it’s starting at college campuses. More and more students are terrified of being “triggered.” This basically means that they are so weak even hearing a word they don’t like makes them shiver and cry. For some reason American colleges have decided that these students need safe spaces.

A safe space is an environment where you won’t hear an opinion that you disagree with.

This has nothing to do with right and wrong. It only has to do with your feelings.

These students are protesting and fighting for more and more rules claiming that one out of four college women will be raped. That’s millions of rapes that go “unreported” every year. That number is so high it’s clearly impossible. Modern studies have already debunked that myth.

But in a safe space you can’t use facts.

They aren’t allowed.

So these students are protesting and demanding rules about ”affirmative consent” rules. That means that men now have to say such romantic phrases as “may I touch your left breast now.” And if they forget to also ask for rights to the right mammary, they are guilty of rape.

Meanwhile in Africa, The Middle East and Sweden every day women are gang raped and murdered by gangs of Muslim men. But you won’t ever hear about this from the modern American feminist. Because more than anything she is living off of her father’s money while spouting off proclamations of “patriarchy.” And her ultimate core value is racism. She only cares about the problems of other upper middle class white women.

If you are a woman living in another country, or your rapist is non-white, then you simply don’t count. Feminists like nothing other than the sounds of their own voices. And they will continue to live in echo chambers as long as the university system is willing to coddle them. It is simply baffling why feminist don’t care about the victims of violent rape. By pushing up and drawing attention to college rape claims – such as the UVA hoax, the Columbia University hoax – claims that consistently turn out to be false, they draw attention away from real victims.

They hurt the victims of real rape all in the pursuit of a narrative. It’s a shame that we live in a society where feminists don’t care about actual women – they only care about themselves.

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