Why The Left Loves Abortions And Will Kill To Keep Them


Recently it has come to light that Planned Parenthood has been up to some heinous activity. Delivering babies and then killing them. Selling off baby parts without telling the mothers. It is not conjecture or opinion. These monsters were caught on camera talking about their crimes and laughing. They have been laughing their way to the bank for far too long.

This is the kind of thing you expect in a horror movie or a documentary about Nazi Germany. But it is being done in our country right now under the auspices of “women’s health.”

What does knocking out a woman, delivering her baby and then murdering it so the corpse can be sold for more money on the black market have to do with “women’s health?”

Somehow the Left continues to try and mix the idea of women’s rights with stealing the bodies of dead babies. Planned Parenthood has been up to some terrible crimes but many people can’t figure out why Obama won’t step back.

But it comes down to making sure that the government gets to be the husband or daddy to as many single mothers as possible. Never forget that Obama’s party is fueled by broken families. If the American family unit ever recovered, there would never be another Democratic president again.

When a woman is a single mother, she needs more and more of the government’s resources. So even though abortions decrease births, they also increase single mothers.

Abortions make it clear that the woman is in total control of the baby. That means that more women who get pregnant decide to “go it alone.” The abortion clinics affirm their belief that they don’t need to be a part of a real family.

This is why couples that get pregnant no longer feel obligated to get married. Most of them don’t even consider marriage as an option. The left has found another way to drive a knife into the nuclear family.

Families are very bad for the Left. Families that contribute to society, work hard, and make real money never vote for them. So they need to break apart families to maintain control. And they are more than happy to stand on a pile of dead babies to get there.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded for more than just a year? Are their other options for women’s healthcare that don’t involve selling off babe corpses?

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