Why You Should Need A Second Passport


Obama is constantly making it harder and harder for Americans to leave the country. Under his regime we are becoming less like West Germany and more like East Germany.

Under his leadership the best and brightest are fleeing in droves.

So his response is to make it harder and harder. He has raised the fee to renounce your citizenship. He punishes you by banishing you from the land if you try to leave his tyranny. Right now Liberals and Progressives are trying to pump as many refugees as possible into our country.

People who live off the government will always vote for more money and free stuff. So they vote Democrat.

The problem is that the system is going to collapse. Too many people are taking money out and not nearly enough are putting money in.

That’s why people who work hard are looking for ways to escape Obama’s tyranny.

People are fleeing the United States in dries. Obama keeps making it harder and harder to leave. Just like the old Soviet Union. Every time you travel on an American passport, the government is tracking you. Eventually, they will ban travel from the US. They will raise a wall to keep the hard workers IN.

If you don’t want to get trapped you need a foreign passport.

Once the liberal dream crumbles except tyranny and despotism to rise.

These people will do anything to stay in power and that certainly includes burning the constitution and selling out our country to foreign powers.

The last dying gasp of a flawed political structure. Robbing the rich and giving to the poor only works as long as their are enough rich people and they don’t run away. Obama is cramming as many worthless refugees into this country as possible. He wants to get to a point where more than fifty percent of the populace is living off of the government’s dollar. That guarantees that his party will be permanently in power. It also guarantees the destruction of America – but why would he bother to thank that far ahead. He clearly doesn’t love our nation. He only loves power.

The United States is constantly trying to make it harder for people to have dual-citizenship. Grab your second passport so you can jump when the ship starts to sink.

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